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September 14th, 2024
Grand Parc Miribel Jonage — 13:00 to 23:00h.
Amelie Lens
Sara Landry
Mac Declos
September 15th, 2024
Grand Parc Miribel Jonage — 13:00 to 23:00h.
Paul Kalkbrenner
Joachim Pastor
Notre Dame
October 5th, 2024
Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes — 13:00 to 23:00h.
Maceo Plex
Polo & Pan
Fiona Kraft
October 6th, 2024
Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes — 13:00 to 23:00h.
Indira Paganotto
Sara Landry
Marlon Hoffstadt
Carla Schmitt
Sat 14/09
Sun 15/09
Grand Parc Miribel Jonage

Le Grand Parc Miribel Jonage, niché à seulement 20 minutes de Lyon, s'étend sur plus de 2200 hectares, offrant un véritable havre de verdure. Doté d'un lac alimenté par les eaux alluviales, il propose une variété d'activités en plein air telles que la baignade, les pique-niques et les sports nautiques. Chaque année, il accueille de nombreux festivals dont très bientôt le Brunch Electronik !

Sat 05/10
Sun 06/10
Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes

L’hippodrome de Paris-Vincennes, situé au cœur du bois de Vincennes à l’est de Paris, est souvent désigné comme "le temple du trot". Il est le théâtre des plus prestigieuses courses françaises et de rencontres hippiques internationales, tout en étant le cadre de nombreux événements culturels dont notre festival !


At Brunch Electronik we are clear that without Commitment there is no Joy.

More than 250,000 brunchers danced with us in 2022. A large community committed to generating positive changes in its environment.

Joy is the spirit of happiness and fun that we want to transmit through friendship and avant-garde electronic music in a unique outdoor setting.

Commitment encompasses the social and environmental actions that we have been carrying out for several seasons with the aim of promoting respect and care for the environment that welcomes us.

We act on 3 main pillars
Community, equality & sustainability.


We are committed to our environment.

We support more than 30 local NGOs per season.

We generate employment with more than 7,750 direct hires per event, ensuring a percentage of social inclusion.

Innovative spaces to take care of our brunchers: Safe Space / Espai Segur, a pioneering prevention point and we also have the Prevention and Safe Party Stand with professional psychologists.

We are a family friendly space. There are more than 4,000 families that have shared Sundays with us.

More than 30,000 euros donated to local causes.

More than 40 civic agents to guarantee a good coexistence with our neighbors.

In-home acoustic measurements at each event on a regular basis.

Social Fooding is the foundation of the festival that aims to reduce hunger in Barcelona, collecting surplus food from collaborating restaurants to distribute them, through volunteering, to various associations and NGOs in the city. We have recovered more than 37 tons of food.

We are next to those who need us the most.

We helped evacuate more than 400 Ukrainian families.


At Brunch Electronik in we do not allow any type of discrimination based on race, sex or sexual condition.

Creamos espacios amables, inclusivos y libres
1 LGTBIQ+ stand at each event since 2016

with specialized professionals from l´Observatori contra la homofobia to guarantee the equality and freedom of all people.

Special day against LGTBIFòbia since 2018

With the aim of raising awareness and funds for social causes.


We have one goal:

We are moving towards CIRCULARITY.

There is no better waste than the one that is not generated, that´s why from Brunch Electronik:

We eliminate single-use plastic.

1195 trees planted in deforested areas in Spain and Portugal.

2 Tons of waste collected in our annual beach and mountain volunteer cleanups.

Special measures to reduce plastic in our production each season.

8 kg of recycled butts. We recycle all waste to give it a second life.

Petit Brunch

Electronic music for the whole family.

From: 13:00 to 17:00hs. Price: 15,90€

Envie de profiter du Brunch en famille ?

C’est possible grâce au Petit Brunch qui propose une large gamme d’activités et d’ateliers en plein air pour les plus petits de 13h à 17h.

Leer sobre las condiciones de Petit Brunch.
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